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November 12, 2022

Pecuniary/ adjective/pi-ˈkyü-nē-ˌer-ē

Pecuniary is an adjective used to describe a financial situation. Specifically, it describes something that is measured in money or refers to money.

In A Sentence

His European boats are an equivalent pecuniary price for the altercation.

We had a pecuniary advantage over all our rivals; it is a shame that we couldn't upscale our offense.

The Queen had pecuniary influence in the European Union; she was among the wealthiest Europeans.


The word Pecuniary originates from the Latin word pecuniarius, derived further from pecunia, meaning money. Pecunia comes from the word "cattle," which relates to a fee.


Monetary, Fiscal, Budgetary


Unsalable, Nonfinancial, Benevolent


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