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May 25, 2022

Phablet / noun / phab·let

If you’ve seen someone using a large mobile device that looks like it could pass for either a mobile phone or a tablet, you’ve seen a “phablet.” A “phablet” is a recently popularized type of mobile device users are flocking to for its large screen capacity. Gamers, streamers, and businesses invest in “phablets” to take advantage of their larger screen and computing capacity. Today’s portable “phablets” have more computing power than some of the first supercomputers ever introduced.


“Phablet” is a relatively new term that we’ve been using to describe technology since the early 2000s. There has been some debate about who initially coined the term. Dell computer tech journalist Ian Scales takes credit for being the first person ever to use the word. However, there is some opposition from Dan Warren from a technology company known as “GSMA” says ‘he’ was the first person to use “phablet” to describe the technology that combines the best features of mobile phones and LTE or data-powered tablets.

In a Sentence

Where did you find that phablet with such a large screen?

“Phablets” are some of the hottest computing devices available to mobile device and cell phone users.

Popular mobile device providers like Verizon and ATT sell the latest “phablets” on their websites.


Cell Phone, Tablet


Home Phone, Landline

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  1. Joshua

    What is this “phablet”, a word with 15 minutes of fame? It is amazing how this era is getting into “new” terminology. Some do clarifies the narrative; others are there to obtuse the narrative.


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