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November 19, 2022

Pilgarlic / noun / pil·​gar·​lic

Pilgarlic is a noun that is used to describe an old fashioned or bald-headed man. English speakers also use the term pilgarlic to describe the characteristics of a man looked down on by the whole of society. In a third sense, the word pilgarlic can also represent a type of garlic that appears in pilled form.

In a Sentence

I wanted to cook a pilgarlic dish for dinner, but I couldn't find any recipes that specifically referenced this ingredient online.

The young children giggled at the back of the man's head seated in front of them at the movie theater because his pilgarlic-like head reminded them of a lemon.

Many people in our society frown upon old-fashioned Pilgarlics because they are often so set in their ways, and they refuse to make changes to live harmoniously with the rest of our society.


Historians say we derived the word pilgarlic from a combination of Latin words representing hair on the head, removal of hair by dilapidation, and the peeled form of garlic.


Bald, Brute, Peeled Garlic, Knave


Hairy, Gentleman, Flavorless


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