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December 4, 2021

Polymer /pŏl’ə-mər/ noun

Definition: Many small molecules are added together to make a large molecule called a polymer. Polymers can be shown as an example in the world, like what makes spandex stretch and sneakers bounce.

Etymology: The word polymer was first used in 1833. Patent followed in 1840, which produced the strength of natural rubber without losing its flexibility. In the year 1855, German contributed to the word polymer with the word polumeros, meaning “having many parts” and meros, which means “a share.”  

In a Sentence

I had to bring a polymer to school, so I thought a small rubber ball would be good.

The organic polymer is a protein because it is made of a group of linked molecules.

She made a chemical reaction in the science classroom project.


Coating, Semiconductor, Nanocomposites


Hydrolysis, Disintegrate


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