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October 2, 2022

Potentate / noun / Potentate

Potentate is a word used to describe a ruler, monarch, or similar person in a position of high authority.

The term potentate is a noun used in English to describe leaders who exercise absolute authority and control over a particular area or group of people. When we think of potentates, we think of kings, queens, and other notable people in positions of political or religious power. Some potentates are elected by the general public, while others, like the royal family, inherit kingdoms or legal authorities through their family lineage.

In a Sentence

The entire country was in an uproar, and they were excited to attend the inauguration of the new potentate that had recently taken over the throne.

We know potentates for their strong leadership and diplomacy skills in strategic partnerships with neighboring kingdoms.

Some potentates are elected while others inherit their kingdoms.


Potentate relates to Late Latin words representing wielding power and English words depicting being mighty in battle or war. We started using the word potentate in the 15th century as a derivative of the Late Latin word potentaus and the English impotent and omnipotent.


Ruler, Head of State


Servant, Peasant


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