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April 5, 2022

Pronk /prôNGk/ verb  

Definition: If you’ve ever seen a deer or antelope hop quickly and gracefully away in fear, you’ve just witnessed pronking. Pronk is an adjective with a dual meaning in English, Dutch, and Afrikaans. We use the word pronk to describe the leaping motion made by four-legged antelopes or gazelles.

These animals have a built-in startle response that makes them react to fear, danger, or excitement by leaping out of the way. Pronk means to jump up in the air. The hallmark of pronking is repetitive leaps off the ground with an arched back and stiff or straight legs.


In a Sentence

Galloping and pronking are cute characteristics of wildlife creatures like gazelles.

The startled antelopes pronked as the traffic got nearer to the forest.

Pronking is a natural response to being startled or frightened.


Jump, Leap


Remain, Settle


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