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November 20, 2022


The word protean is a term derived from early Greek mythology describing something or someone capable of adapting or changing shape. Early Greeks used protean to refer to anything resembling the Greek God Proteus with the ability to shapeshift. Today, the word can be used to describe people with extraordinary abilities to adapt to almost every situation.

In a Sentence

The protean force of the typhoon was terrifying, even to seasoned sailors, and made weather conditions on the island difficult to predict.

The protean waterfalls on the mountain were a sight to behold, and I could never get enough of watching them change with every rainfall.

The protean first-round NBA draft pick was an all-American high school athlete who excelled in several team-based sports.


Protean is derived from the Greek word proteus, which means "a creature that can change its shape." It describes anything related to the mythological sea god, Proteus, and was first recorded in our language toward the end of the 15th century. Protean began appearing in English sometime during the early 1700s.


Changeable, Variable


Constant, Consistent


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