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January 9, 2022

Puggle / puh-gl / noun

Definition: A Puggle refers to these two things:

1. A dog that is a crossbreed of a pug and a beagle

2. A baby echidna or platypus 

Etymology: The etymology of the word puggle is interesting because it’s very unlike the etymology of most other words. Most other words came to be because of the compounding of two or more separate words (perhaps even from separate countries or languages) that come together to form a brand new meaning. Thus, forming a new word that is used widely in modern times. 

However, the word puggle is derived from a popular trademarked brand in the 1970s that named one of their toys a puggle. The puggle resembled a baby echidna. Though it began as the name of a trademarked toy, it became a word that was used on a more widespread scale.

In a Sentence

Tina spent a long time deliberating about what kind of pet she wanted, but she eventually decided on a puggle.

Puggles tend to begin growing spikes about 50 days after they’re born.

Before someone decides on adding a puggle to their family, they need to determine whether or not they can bear how much they shed.






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