December 24, 2021

Quell /kwĕl/ verb

Definition: Quell is a verb that means to stamp out, forcibly suppress, or put a stop to. It is often used with violent events such as riots and rebellions. It is also used to describe overcoming negative feelings such as sadness, pain, or fear.

Etymology: The word quell draws from various linguistic influences. In Old Norse, the word kvelja meant torment; in German, quälen meant to vex, and in Old English, cwellan meant to kill. The Old English cwellan is also related to the Old Saxon quellian.

In a Sentence

The police did their best to quell violent protests staged in the city center.

He tried to quell his grief by writing about the many years of happiness they spent together as husband and wife.

In the early days of the Royal Navy, Captains often had to apply brute force to quell mutinous rebellions by their crew-members.


Quash, Subdue


Encourage, Nurture


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