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December 2, 2022


The word quinze is a noun that refers to a 17th-century French card game with Spanish origins. It is an “ace-low” game, where the goal of the players is to reach 15 points to win. Quinze is also “fifteen” in French.


The word quinze originates from the Middle English word quince meaning "a variant of coins'' or "coin." The Old French word for this was actually cooing, and the Modern French word is coing. Quinze is also a French game with Spanish origins in which the players attempt to earn fifteen points. The card game originated sometime in the 1800s in France and was used for gambling, similar to Blackjack. Quinze is simply a game of chance based on the cards one is dealt.

In a Sentence

  1. Could you join me in a game of Quinze? I have yet to lose!
  2. True to its name, the goal of Quinze is to be the first to reach 15!


Fifteen, Ace-low


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