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December 13, 2022


Quixotic is an adjective that describes something that’s exceedingly idealistic, unrealistic and impractical.

In A Sentence

In The Adventures of Merlin, Merlin always has quixotic solutions to Prince Arthur´s problems, which inspire Arthur with plausible solutions; this is what builds their bond so completely and makes them such wholesome characters.

If you don't have a quixotic approach every now and again, you can get overwhelmed by the stress of reality; sometimes it's necessary to get out of your head and be inspired for real solutions.

Sometimes a quixotic attitude comes out just to make people laugh about the situation, but other times it's real until I realize how unrealistic my ideas are.


The word quixotic originates from the late 18th century. The word quixotic is said to come from the book Don Quixote, a Spanish novel where the protagonist engages in the impractical pursuit of idealistic goals. Today the word is used to mean an “impractical idealist”—someone with a determination to change something that is wrong or bad but does it in a way that is silly or non-practical. This is often a personality trait of TV show characters or cartoon characters to encourage the viewers to stop and laugh every now and again, even when things are not ideal.


Unworldly, Extravagant


Practical, Pragmatic


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