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February 20, 2022

Ramshackle /ramˌSHak(ə)l/ adj.

Definition:  Ramshackle describes a state of being that is ragged and in severe disrepair. If something is said to be “ramshackle,” this is definitely not a compliment. In fact, it’s the opposite of a compliment. 

Ramshackle is a derogatory term used to explain the appearance of something distasteful. It’s especially used to describe the condition of houses, cars, and other structures that appear to be falling down or broken down. 

The word ramshackle shows that something is severely broken and in need of repair. When people use the term ramshackle to describe the condition of a person or an object, they mean it as an insult to describe something undesirable.

Etymology: The word ramshackle was first recognized in Middle English. It comes from the word “Ransack.” Ransack refers to leaving the contents of a house or a home in complete disarray. We first started using the word ramshackle in the early 19th century.

In a Sentence

The ramshackle house was the only eyesore in the neighborhood.

Habitat for Humanity tore down the ramshackle house to build a new one.

He took his ramshackle car to the automotive repair shop for repairs.


Derelict, Dilapidated


Sturdy, Repaired


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