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June 17, 2022

Razzmatazz / noun / razz·​ma·​tazz

The word razzmatazz is a noun we formed via the process of reduplication in the late 18th century. We used razzmatazz in the early 19th century to describe popular jazz music styles of the time, like ragtime. Rag-time is an example of popular jazz music played in the early 19th century. Something described as razzmatazz is being described as upbeat, exciting, and fun. Music lovers at the time appreciated the sound quality and variety of instruments that made this form of jazz music exciting to listen to.

In a Sentence

The bass player dazzled the crowd with their razzmatazz sound.

The excited couple went out on the town to the jazz club that played razzmatazz on Thursday nights.

Razzmatazz and razzle-dazzle are words that have a similar meaning and are used interchangeably.


We first see the word razmataz used in the late 18th century around 1898. Etymologists say we introduced razzmatazz into language as a reduplication. They believe the word reduplicated the term "razzle-dazzle" as it relates to describing the sounds of popular jazz music of the day, like ragtime.




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  1. Frank Mayes

    You mean the early 20th century

  2. Frank Mayes

    You mean the early 20th century


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