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October 8, 2021


Definition: The definition is to take pleasure in yourself or something.

As a noun, it means a festive gathering or an inherently boisterous festivity. As a verb, reve means to spend or pass time merrymaking or in festivity.

Revelry can be used as an adjective to describe something wild, raucous, or rowdy. If you are partaking in festivities that involve revelry, then you are reveling.

Etymology: Revel begins in the early 14th century and comes from the word revelen, which means to feast in a noisy manner and make merry. Later, the word expanded to include taking part in revels.

A revel was formally a specific kind of dance or performance given in connection with masks or pageants, a dancing procession (usually revels).

In Old French, reveler was also connected with rebeller, which meant to be disorderly, rebellious and riotous.

In a Sentence

In July, we reveled in the amazing weather.

He reveled in the success of his business.

While they were reveling, I was studying.


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