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December 7, 2022

Rickrack / noun / rick·rack

Rickrack is a braided trim in a zigzag pattern used as decoration on clothing. Before the prevalence of sewing machines, rickrack provided a finished edge to clothing. It was extremely popular because it was sturdy and withstood frequent washings.

In a Sentence

I saw a really cool rickrack at the market that ran along the edges of African garb.

I can't believe I found this rickrack on sale at the thrift store for such a low price!

I love the rickrack on that girl's clothing; it looks so vibrant and colorful.


The etymology of the term "rickrack" is unknown. One potential source for the word could be a braid used on clothing typically worn by men in the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia. Alternatively, it may originate from Dutch words that mean "a strand of woolen yarn." The term "rickrack" likely entered the English language sometime in the 1600s.


Braid, Plait


Braidless, Unbraided


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