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January 4, 2022

Rubaboo / ruhb-uh-boo / noun

Definition: Rubaboo is a stew or porridge-type meal made with peas or corn and pemmican, a combination of dried meat and fat. The stew was a common meal for French Canadian fur trappers and the indigenous population. Rubaboo would keep for a long time and therefore was the perfect storable food source for wilderness survival.

Etymology: Rubaboo originated from combining the French word roux, which means thickener, with the Algonquian word, aboo, for soup. The literal translation of Rubaboo is thick soup.

Fun Facts: The fur traders of French Canada paddled in canoes made by the Ojibwa tribe, weighing over 300 pounds each, and powered by four to six paddlers. They traded with the tribes for various animal pelts, including beaver, and transported the merchandise back home to sell in the markets.

In a Sentence

The backpackers enjoyed the warm, hearty Rubaboo cooked over their campfire.

The French Canadian canoeists of old, or voyageurs as they were called, considered Rubaboo their primary source of nutrition.

When I make Rubaboo, I add maple syrup to the mixture to enhance the sweetness of the stew.


Stew, Porridge, Soup


There are no antonyms for Rubaboo.


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