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September 16, 2022

Sabayon / noun / sa·​ba·​yon

We use the word sabayon as a noun to describe an egg yolk-based sauce flavored with herbs and spicy seasonings like mustard and pepper. French restaurants often serve this savory sauce with delicious flaky pastries or over rice. Sabayon is a sauce we can enjoy both warm or chilled.

Sabayon originally entered the English language from the French language. They derived the word sabayon from the Italian dish “zabaglione.” Zabaglione is a whipped Italian dessert made of egg yolks.

In a Sentence

She was excited to see the French restaurant around the corner serving her favorite Sabayon sauce over white rice.

Five-star restaurants serve sabayon as a soup and a dessert for customers who love this Italian and French-inspired dish.

The excited couple searched the internet for a local restaurant serving their favorite sabayon sauce.


The word sabayon entered English in the early 1900s, around 1906. We derived the word sabayon from a combination of French and Italian words that depict delectable dishes made of egg yolk. Top restaurants and chefs make the Italian-based sabayon dish of egg yolk and serve it with a froth as custard.

The French changed the sabayon dessert and turned it into a versatile sauce that we can enjoy hot or cold as part of the main course or dessert dish. Sabayon originally entered the language as the Italian word zabaione. The French later changed the words zabaione and zabaglione to represent the word sabayon we know today.




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