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April 22, 2022

Sapiosexual /sa·​pi·​o·​sex·​u·​al / adjective

Definition: “Sapiosexual” is an early 21st-century term that has recently grown in use and popularity in the United States and the rest of the world. The word “sapiosexual” describes the characteristics of a person romantically attracted to intelligence in others they see as a potential mate or life partner.

What makes “sapiosexuals” different from other people is that say they can only form romantic bonds with someone who is highly intelligent. Lack of intelligence may prevent forming strong emotional bonds and attachments with people who describe themselves as “sapiosexual.” People who are unintelligent or who don’t meet the knowledge standard of sapiosexuals are unlikely to stay on their radar for long.

Etymology: We recorded the first known use of the word “sapiosexual” in the early 21st century, around 2004. Sapiosexual came to be by combining the existing Latin words ‘sapien’ and ‘sexualis.’ The term “sapien” refers to intelligence. “Sexualis” means ‘sexual.’ In short, people who are “sapiosexual” are ‘intelligence lovers.”

In a Sentence

The online dating profile listed the man as “sapiosexual.”

We can find sapiosexuals hanging out around bookstores and libraries.

Being “sapiosexual” limits the dating pool to a smaller number of people.


Sapiophile, Intelligence Lover


Intellectophobe, Anti-Intellectualist


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