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February 4, 2022

Sappy / sape/ noun

Definition:  The word of the day today is sappy, which is typically a word associated with romance. To be sappy is to be overly sentimental or emotional about something. 

It can also refer to a plant that contains a lot of sap.

Etymology:  Sappy has an interesting history. The word sappy comes from a variety of linguistic patterns, including Middle English, Old English, West Frisian, Dutch, Middle High German, Danish, Swedish, and Doublet. It is derived from the words sappily or sappiness.

In a Sentence

When watching kids’ movies, my boyfriend gets a little bit sappy because there’s always a heartwarming ending.

I get sappy when I listen to Juice WRLD because I can’t believe he’s gone; legends never die.

Aloe is one of my favorite sappy plants because it can be used to heal topical wounds and can even be put in your food and drink.

One of my least favorite textures in the entire world is tree sap; sappy things are really hard to wash off of your skin.


Mushy, Illogical


Indifferent, Cynical


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