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November 16, 2022

Saucier / noun / sau·cier

Saucier is a noun denoting a person who prepares or cooks food in a particular way. A saucier is someone who prepares or cooks food using special blends or sauces. It can also represent a flavored liquid used as a condiment or an ingredient in cooking.


The etymology of saucier is unclear, but it likely comes from the French word for sauce, which in turn may be derived from Latin words meaning to cover. The earliest usage of Saucier in English likely dates back to the early 1800s.

Today, saucier can also be used to describe someone who prepares or cooks food with their own flavor. Some other similar synonyms that you might hear include sauce maker, kitchen wiz, and culinary genius.

In a Sentence

I love making my own sauce, and I'm sure my husband would love to see me saucier a steak sometime soon.

I made some lasagna using tomato sauce, baked cheese slices, and Italian herbs. It was a saucier dish than I usually make!

Jennifer has always loved adding unexpected sauces to her dishes, so it was not a surprise to hear that she’s become a saucier.


Chef, Cook


Plain, Prim


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