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November 11, 2022

Scatterbrain / noun / scat·ter·brain

Scatterbrain is a term that typically refers to someone who has difficulty focusing and concentrating on tasks. It can also be used more generally to describe someone who has trouble organizing their thoughts or managing their time efficiently.

There are many factors that play into scatterbrain, including problems with attentional focus, working memory, and problem-solving skills. Some people may have a harder time staying organized due to constant changes in life circumstances, such as moving homes or starting new jobs.

In a Sentence

I was zoning out during the entire presentation; it seems like she's got a scatterbrain for an audience.

I was totally scatterbrained today; my brain just wouldn't stop wandering off-topic.

My roommate is a scatterbrain, and it's hard to get him to clean up his room.


The etymology of scatterbrain is not definitively known, but it likely has its roots in the English word scatter, which means to disseminate or disperse.

When people are scatterbrained, they lack focus and disrupt their own activity as a result. It could have come from the phrase "a scattering of brains," which is used to describe an individual who lacks intelligence or clarity.


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