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January 19, 2022

Schmooze /  SHmo͞oz / noun, verb

Definition: The term schmooze is a verb that generally refers to having a lively and friendly conversation with someone to impress or manipulate them for self-promotion or to gain some favor.

Additionally, the term schmooze is a noun that refers to a friendly and lively conversation. This type of conversation is often aimed at manipulating or impressing others.

Etymology: The word schmooze derives from the term shomuesn, an ancient Yiddish term which in turn derives from shmue, an ancient Hebrew word that means rumor. 

The earliest reference of this word as an English term dates back to 1897. Back then, it used to mean having a warm conversation with someone or passing the time chatting with someone.

In a Sentence

Yesterday, when we jetted into the city, John told us that he would hang around at the motel for schmooze and a bite of late lunch with his old friend.

It was an excellent opportunity to meet and schmooze with directors and managers in the music industry.

If you didn’t know, this is the perfect time for you to choose and put yourself forward so that you can effectively schmooze and network.


Flatter, Converse With, Impress


Avoid, Disconnect, Unpretentious


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