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August 2, 2021


Serene is a word that has a multitude of meanings and uses. The first is the state of being calm, peaceful, and not perturb. But you can also use it to describe a state of tranquility or an environment conducive to peace and relaxation.

The term serene describes an individual’s sense of peace and calmness, a state of inner well-being not disturbed by the outside world. It can also describe plant life or a natural landscape not having any evidence of human activity.

Adjective – Serene

Adverb – Serenely

Etymology: The word serene comes from a Latin word meaning to remain or to be left. The etymology of the word ‘serene’ is closely related to the notion of being left alone or being untouched by outside forces. The Latin prefix se – means without, and this is what makes it a term that doesn’t change.

In a Sentence

He is serene about where his life is going.

The serene light in the room reminded me of my childhood.


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