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January 13, 2022

Snickersnee /  snɪkəˌsni / noun

Definition: A snickersnee is a large knife used for cutting or thrusting. It is also used to describe a fight with the use of knives.

Etymology: Snickersnee means to part take in cut and thrust fighting or to fight with knives. This is an alteration of steake or snye, stemming from the Dutch words steken of snijden, which means to thrust or cut. This word originated in 1690-1700.

Modern Day Application: While many people would use the term “knife fight” or “large knife” when describing a physical altercation between two or more people with the use of sharp objects (knives), it can also be referred to as a snickersnee.

In a Sentence

Christopher soon realized that he could not snickersnee the approaching robber. 

Please beware of the man’s large snickersnee.

It would be very frightening to encounter a snickersnee in a dark alley.


Scrap, Fight, Knife Fight


Spoon, Fork


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