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November 21, 2022

Sockdolager / noun / sock·dol·ag·er

Sockdolager is a noun used by English speakers to describe the feeling of exhaustion or fatigue that suddenly arises after working hard. Akin to exhaustion, sockdolager comes on unexpectedly and can leave a person feeling tired and drained of all energy.

In a second sense, a sockdolager can represent a forceful strike or the final blow in a situation.

In a Sentence

The student was a sockdolager who gave the best answers during the debate and stood out from the rest of the students on the debate team because of their thoughtful and in-depth answers.

I was so tired after working all day that I felt like I had a sockdolager in my feet, and I could barely walk or stand on without help.

After a long day of work, I was feeling sockdolager and devoid of energy, so I went straight home from work and took a nap.


Sockdolager first appeared in English sometime during the early 1700s. It likely comes from the Dutch word "sokkelen," which means laboriously walking and carrying heavy items.


Exhaustion, Fatigue


Energy, Vigor


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