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August 23, 2022


Deep thinkers who question their existence or purpose may be familiar with the solipsism philosophy.

We use the word solipsist in English to describe people who subscribe to the theory that the "self" is the end all and be all of existence. Some people call them narcissists.

The theory of solipsism and the solipsist were first introduced by the French philosopher René Descartes who believed firmly in the idea that once the rest of our outer experiences and engagements are stripped away that all we have left is the self.

In a Sentence

Some see solipsist beliefs as egocentric and lacking in substance or unrealistic, and they compare them to narcissism.

Being called a solipsist is an insult that shows people think you are a self-centered person.

Beware of the solipsist who only cares for himself!


English speakers started using the words solipsism and solipsist to describe the theory and the accompanying lifestyle that go along with people who believe that their sole existence is all that matters above all else. We derived the word from the Latin solus, which represents the self. This philosophical theory has been hotly debated since the theory of solipsism entered our awareness in 1836.


Egoism, Narcissism


Modesty, Diffidence


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