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December 19, 2022


The word spitchcock is a verb that refers to the process of splitting and frying an eel for consumption. Spitchcock can also be a noun when referring to the prepared dish of split and fried eel.


The word spitchcock has Middle English origins, combining the phrases spitche, meaning “split,” and coke meaning “cook.” Though the exact date is unknown, the combined phrase “spitchcock” appeared in English around the 16th century and was initially associated with cooking poultry. This term was pronounced “spatchcock,” which meant to cut poultry along the spine and spread the halves apart before cooking. “Spitchcock” evolved after and is a word used to describe the preparation routine of eel or other fish.

In a Sentence

  1. I would never have the heart to learn how to spitchcock because I respect sea creatures and sentient beings.
  2. I would imagine that spitchcocking your food makes it taste so much better, but considering I don't often eat fish, I don't think I will ever know what it tastes like.
  3. I´ve never really learned the benefit or what spitchcocking adds to the meal.


 spatchcock, spattlecock


 dress down, unprepared


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