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February 7, 2022

Squeegee /ding-uhs/ noun, verb

Definition:  As a noun, a squeegee is a rubber-edged blade set on a handle. It’s a cleaning and scraping tool that is most commonly used to clean windows and floors.

As a verb, to squeegee is to clean something up or scrape something with a squeegee.

Etymology: This term comes from the mid 19th century and originates from the archaic word squeege, which means to press. Squeegee is also meant to be a strengthened form of the word squeeze.

In a Sentence

I had to use the squeegee to wash the windows this morning because they were filthy, coated in bird poop.

It’s common practice in restaurants for them to clean the floor using a squeegee once the night has ended and there are no more customers.

After the flood, I had to use the squeegee to usher the water out the door in hopes that the flood was over and the water wouldn’t come back in.


Sweeper, Sponge


Dirty Up, Paper Towel, Water


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