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June 11, 2022

Stunner / noun / stun·ner

We use the word "stunner" as an informal noun in English. It describes a person or turn of events we see as strikingly beautiful, above-average or unexpected. As it relates to a person, a “stunner” denotes a person of unusually notable beauty or a highly impressive persona. It can also take the place of the word "shocking" when used as an informal noun to describe unexpected occurrences or situations.

In a Sentence

The beauty pageant winner was a stunner in the intellectual segment of the pageant.

In a stunning turn of events, they also found the co-defendant guilty.

Most celebrities and movie stars knew they were "stunners" at a young age.


We see the word "stunner" recorded in the early 18th century around 1829. "Stunner" was derived from the verb "stun" meaning to ‘daze or knockout into an unconscious state.' In 1848, we started using the word to denote extremely beautiful women. Etymologists say "stunner" keeps its original meaning of "one that stuns or is stunning" since its introduction into language.


Beauty, Goddess


Eyesore, Reality


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