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December 6, 2022


The word susurration is a noun that refers to a humming or whispering sound. A susurration can also be a continuous buzzing noise or “white noise” meant to help drown out other sounds.


The word susurration has Latin origins but is a term that comes from late Middle English. The late Middle English word derives from the Latin word susurratio. The word susurratio is another variant of the word susurrare, which means to murmur or to hum. Susurrare also has Latin origins, coming from the term susurrus, which means whisper.

In a Sentence

  1. People use susurration often when they're in public and don't want other people to overhear or eavesdrop on their conversation; it's often a means to keep the information quiet that doesn't need to be known by everyone.
  2. When you're in the woods alone, and you hear the tiniest little hint of susurration, it's like you can feel the heart beating out of your chest, waiting for what comes next; is it Bigfoot, or is it just a tiny little mouse scurrying around and looking for food?
  3. One of the hardest things to teach your kids, especially if they love to make a lot of noise and be disruptive, is the practice of susurration and continuing to enforce using inside voices.


whisper, hum


yell, scream


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