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November 26, 2021

Tangible /tæn.dʒə.bəl/ adj. 

Definition: Tangible has several definitions that all relate to each other. 

A) having the potential of being touched or felt

B) having the potential of being clearly perceived or grasped by the mind

C) having a physical existence

D) an actual thing that physically exists (usually used in the plural form)

Etymology: Tangible is derived from the Latin word, “tangere,”  which means “to touch.”

It usually refers to something physical that you would be able to touch, but the word could be used in a figurative sense as well. Whereas tangible objects can be seen and touched, someone’s “tangible grief” can only be sensed or perceived through senses other than touch.

In a Sentence

A wedding ring is a tangible symbol of two people who have committed to each other.

Their intense dislike for each other was tangible.

It is easier to assess the quality of tangibles such as food or bedding, rather than intangibles such as courtesy or service.


Concrete, Physical


Intangible, Imperceptible


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