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January 17, 2022

Teasel /  bib-lee-uh-klep / noun

Definition: A teasel (also spelled Teazel) has a few different meanings. As a noun, a “teasel” is a plant with prickly, dry blooms and leaves. As a verb, “teasel” implies napping with a teasel (cloth).

Etymology: Teasel gets its name from Old English terms like tǣsl and tǣsel, which refer to the verb “to tease” — the plant’s dried heads were historically employed in the textile industry to increase the nap on woolen material.

In a Sentence

Teasels are tall perennials that bloom in their second year after producing a rosette of leaves in their first year.

Natural teasels are still used to finish the best woolen materials used for billiards tables, piano felts, and Guardsmen’s tunics today.

Prior to shearing, the teasels were employed to elevate the nap of the cloth.


Dipsacus fullonum (or Dipsacus sylvestris), Fuller’s teasel, common teases, Venus basin, Wild Thistle


Teasel has no antonyms.


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