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September 4, 2022

Tidbit / noun / tid·​bit

The word tidbit refers to small pieces of information or bits of juicy gossip. The term has a positive connotation; the receiver of a tidbit would likely find the information pleasing or interesting.

A tidbit is also known as a bite of food. The referenced food would also be tasty and appealing.

Similar words to tidbit would be “bite,” “morsel,” or “treat.” Words with the opposite meaning would be “lot” or “entirety.”

In a Sentence

She was excited to receive that little tidbit of information that helped her land a new job.

That last little tidbit of information they shared in the TED Talk made all the difference in how I approach my workday.

Everyone at the dinner table was scrambling for the last tidbit of delicious food on the serving tray.


The word "tidbit" is said to have originated in the early 17th century. Etymologists say it likely comes from the Dutch language, where its meaning is close to "bite-sized morsel." English speakers have used tidbits since the mid-17th century to describe small bits of food or information. The definition of tidbit has not changed since we started using it.


Bite, Goody


Lot, Completion


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