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September 1, 2022

Timorous / adjective / tim·​o·​rous

Timorous is a term meaning fearful, apprehensive, or timid. We use the word timorous to represent people who show a lack of courage or boldness.

People exhibiting timorous behaviors are shy and cowardly. They proceed with caution in most areas of their lives.

Some people see timorous people as wimpy or cowardly and don't expect them to be protectors in a dangerous situation. Fainthearted and fearful are synonyms; gutsy and reckless are antonyms.

In a Sentence

I'm unsure if I should be timorous or brave regarding the classes I have to take to finish my degree.

She feared spiders so much that she would scream timorously if one came near her.

His teammates saw him as a coward because of his increasingly timorous behavior on the field.


We derive the word timorous from the Latin verb Timor, meaning "to be afraid." Timorous appeared in Late Middle English and Old Middle French to define fearful and timid behaviors.

English speakers first recorded its use in the mid-15th century. The definition of timorous has not changed since we started using it in the 15th century. It has always denoted cowardly and shy behaviors.


Fainthearted, Fearful


Adventuresome, Gutsy


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