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January 20, 2022

Tittle-Tattle /  Tit-tul Tah-tul / noun,verb

Definition: To tittle-tattle is to engage in gossip about another person, usually away from their presence, speculating on unfounded rumors that may not be true. You can also use it when referring to someone who exposes the wrongdoing of another to an authority figure to gain their favor.

Etymology: Tittle-tattle’s first recorded use was circa 1529-30. Etymologists believe that “tittle” is a reduplication of tattle to form a gradational noun. Tattle is to tell unfounded stories and likewise has its origins in the early 16th century.

In a Sentence

As a new employee to a company, it’s usually a good idea to avoid engaging in tittle-tattle about your boss with your colleagues until you’ve gotten to know her better.

Sarah’s classmates were tittle-tattling on whether she was cheating on Mark during recess at high school. One of the girls saw her at the movies with Ben over the weekend.

Michelle is such a tittle-tattle! She told the teacher that Becky was texting during class. Now she has to spend this afternoon in detention.


Gossip, Hearsay, Scandal


Tact, Honesty


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