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November 10, 2021

Uncanny /ənˈkanē / adj. 

Definition: Uncanny usually means a few things:

  1. First, it refers to something that goes beyond what is normal and exceeds expectations. Often, there is a bit of awe involved, suggesting that a skill or ability reaches a superhuman state.
  2. Another use of this word would refer to something that is almost mysterious or mythical in its origin. 
  3. Rarely, and particularly in Scotland, uncanny can mean strict or severe.

Etymology: This word originated in the 16th century in Scotland. The un- prefix simply means not, and canny meant knowledgeable or skilled.

In a Sentence

He has an uncanny sense of smell.

A superhero has the uncanny ability to detect crime. 

Her sister has an uncanny resemblance to Queen Victoria.


 Mysterious, Enigmatic, Cryptic


Conventional, Dull, Normal, Regular


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