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September 12, 2022

Uvula / noun /u·vu·la

The uvula is a small, thin organ in the back of your throat. It aids in the functions of eating, drinking, swallowing and breathing through your nose. It also helps to smooth out speech sounds when speaking. Most people are born with a healthy and functioning uvula that is shaped like a thin tube and hangs down from the back of the throat.

In a Sentence

The patient went into the hospital to have surgery to repair the uvula in the back of their throat.

He went to the doctor's office and was prescribed medication because his uvula was inflamed.

An inflamed uvula could be a sign of an infection brewing in the body.


Uvula entered our language with its current meaning in the late 14th century. We derived the word uvula from the Late Latin word uvola, which describes a small bunch of grapes.

Etymologists say we started using the word uvula to describe the thin organ at the back of the throat because of its resemblance in shape and size to diminutive grapes.

Biologists, doctors, and medical professionals still use the word uvula to describe this tiny organ at the back of the throat.




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