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December 20, 2022

Virtuoso / noun / vir·tu·o·so

A virtuoso is a musician, artist, or actor with exceptional skill and technique in their craft. A virtuoso would be considered a master or an expert in their field, and usually their talent is considered largely innate rather than learned.

In a Sentence

The virtuoso’s piano performance was so breathtaking that it brought tears to my eyes.

As soon as her parent’s put her in violin lessons, it was clear to them by Sarah’s innate skill that she was a virtuoso of the instrument.

The exhibit was filled with pieces by an obvious virtuoso who decided to remain anonymous.


The word "virtuoso" is derived from the Italian virtuoso, which means "performing artist," and from the Latin word virtūsō, meaning "manly skill."The English virtuoso first appeared in the mid-16th century, deriving from the Italian version of the word. English speakers have used it since that time to describe people with exceptional artistic talents.


Master, Legend


Novice, Beginner


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