June 22, 2022

Visceral / adjective / vis·​cer·​al

Visceral is an adjective used to describe a deep-seated feeling or reaction. This Latin-based word is used to convey feelings of deep emotion said to be felt in the internal organs of the body or the "viscera." We use the word "viscera" in medical terminology to describe the internal organs of the body. When used as a medical description, "viscera" denotes the heart, lungs, and intestines, primarily within the ‘trunk' of the body. A visceral reaction is powerful, deep, heartfelt, and not to be taken lightly. Someone expressing they are having such a reaction is deeply affected by their circumstances.

In a Sentence

The woman had a visceral reaction when she witnessed a car accident in real time.

Most people don't know that too much "visceral" fat around your organs can lead to health issues.

She had a "visceral" response when she saw one of her least favorite coworkers approaching her desk at work.


We first see the use of the word "visceral" around the late-16th century in Latin. "Visceral carries the same meaning today as it did when it was first used in language. Etymologists say "visceral" has always referred to deep physiological responses to emotional situations that are deeply felt within the body and internal organs. An English Bishop named Edward Reynolds was one of the first writers to use "visceral" in written texts in the mid-16th century around 1640.


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  1. Alfred Dewayne Lackey

    Thank you for knowledge i love to learn

  2. Michael Whitten

    You really need to learn your centuries. 1640 is in the 17th century. Two days in a row you got the century wrong. You are correct about the word, but your continued errors placing the date of first use in the wrong century could hurt your credibility with one who knows his dates but not his words.


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