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December 21, 2022


The word waitron is a gender-neutral alternative for waiter or waitress. Though the term gained some traction upon its appearance in the 1980s, it was quickly replaced with the more common gender neutral term, “server.” 


 The word waitron originated in the 1980s to provide a gender-neutral representation of a waiter and waitress. “Ẅait” comes from the words waiter or waitress, identifying a waitperson by gender, and “tron” typically refers to a robotic, machine-like impersonality, but in this case, it is used to show a lack of gender, and otherwise represent neutrality.

In a Sentence 

  1. The waitron at the fancy restaurant was snarky and made us feel out of place in our blue jeans and sneakers. 
  2. The poor waitron’s hands were trembling and she appeared nervous as she passed out drinks to the rowdy group. 
  3. The stingy guest only tipped the waitron a few coins despite their impeccable service. 


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