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March 18, 2022

Wamble / wom-buhl / verb

Definition: The word wamble is a verb used in the English language with a two-part meaning. 

  1. We use the word wamble in the first sense to describe a feeling of rumbling in the stomach that leaves someone feeling nauseous. 
  2. In the second sense, the word wamble is a verb used to describe a weaving, rolling, and unpredictable motion. For example, when riding a rollercoaster, it’s not uncommon for people to feel a wambling of the stomach.

Etymology: We find the first recorded instance of the word wamble in Middle English as a verb in the early 14th century. They used the term in the same sense as wamlen. The Danish used the word as vamle, meaning nauseated. It also came from the Latin word vomere, meaning to vomit.

Other recorded instances of wamble show the word used as a noun in the mid-15th century.

In a Sentence

She ran for the amusement park restroom when she felt a wamble in her stomach.

He heard his stomach wambling because he hadn’t eaten in hours.

His stomach wambled as turbulence caused the airplane to pitch back and forth.


Waggle, Squirm


Calm, Linear, Linger


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