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November 3, 2021

Wanton /wänt(ə)n / noun,verb, adj. 

Definition:  Definition: To do recklessly or carelessly, in an unrestrained way, including a lack of adherence to social norms and behavior. It’s also used to describe a lack of sexual discretion, as well as to describe actions done with a sense of abandonment and purposelessness.

The word wanton has multiple archaic uses in English, which are not in common usage today, and the meaning of the word can vary greatly depending on whether it is being used in a sentence as an adjective, a noun, or as a verb.

Etymology: From Old English and Middle English, Wantowen – rebellious, lacking discipline’, from wan- ‘badly’ + togen ‘trained,’ would typically have been used to describe troop behavior before it became individualized.

In a Sentence

The vandals performed wanton destruction on the old warehouse, pointlessly smashing windows and fixtures.

The women in the small and lonely town were wanton, happy to spend the night with any new and exciting traveler passing through.

The two friends frolicked through the meadow in an unrestrained and wanton way, rolling downhill and picking flowers as they went.


Unrestrained, Uninhibited


Reserved, Careful


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