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April 3, 2022

Whimsy /(h)wimzē/ / noun

Definition: In the English language, we use the word whimsy as a noun that describes people or objects as fanciful or odd. Whimsy is an affectionate term used to represent eccentric and unusual characteristics. 

It can also represent a fantastic fantasy device created through art. Something described as whimsy is unusual in the most novel way. Whimsies are exciting!

Etymology: The first instance of the use of whimsy was in the early 1600s, around 1605. Back then, they used the word as an irregular form of the word whim-wham. Whim-wham was used to tell of whimsical devices or trifle as early as 1520.

Etymologists believe the term is most likely of Scandinavian origin. We still use the word whimsy in the English language today. 

It is an uncommon term we use to describe fantastic objects, people, or ideas that seem out-of-this-world or one-of-a-kind.

In a Sentence

Walt Disney World is a delightful family theme park filled with whimsy and fun.

The mad scientist created a whimsical time machine to go back in time.

The whimsical wedding decorations made the wedding guests feel like they were in an outdoor orchard.


Fancy, Notion


Reliableness, Dependability

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