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January 22, 2022

Widdershins /  ˈwidərˌSHinz / adverb

Definition: Widdershins is an adverb term meaning in a counterclockwise direction or in an order that is often contrary to the course of the sun. In other terms, the adverb widdershins is often considered unlucky.

Etymology: The word widdershins is derived from weddersinnes, a Middle-Low German terminology that means against the way or in the opposite direction. Widdershins originates from two Old-High German words, wider and sinnen. Widar means against or back, whereas sinnen means to travel. 

Although the current English speakers encounter widdershins as a synonym to counterclockwise, in the early 16th century, its meaning applied in the sense of the opposite direction. It also applied in the wrong way. In the mid 16th century, the word’s meaning evolved to anything considered evil or unlucky.

In a Sentence

When we came back home from our trip, we found our sister had prepared a sumptuous dinner. Before feasting, she decided to dance widdershins around all of us.

The pilot flew four times around the airport before stealing Sister Sun’s gift of speech and then escaped laughing hard.

The individual waved the Mistletoe thrice widdershins around his head and did the unique dance after saying the sacred words.


Counterclockwise, Reversely


Deosil, Sunwise


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