June 15, 2022

Xanthic / adjective / xan·​thic

We use the word xanthic as an adjective in the English language to describe objects that have a yellowish tint or quality. Xanthic is used to represent the color yellow and relate to the terms xanthin and xanthine. Scientists, mathematicians, and computer programmers are likely to use the term xanthic to describe a substance that appears yellow or yellowish in quality.

In a Sentence

The scientist described the newly discovered substance as having a "xanthic" quality.

The xanthic stone reflected a yellow tinted light in every direction.

The beautiful flower was tinted with a xanthic quality of yellow that shone bright in the sunshine.


Etymologists say, we introduced the word xanthic into language in the early 18th century, around 1817. This Greek-based word was used to represent the color yellow in its various shades and forms. They used xanthic to describe the hair color of animals like horses and other animals of unknown origin. Today we use xanthic as a technical adjective to describe the color yellow.


Lemony, Gold


Brave, Courageous


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