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August 7, 2021


Dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries.

Etymology: Greek origin xenos, meaning stranger and phobos, meaning fear.

First, known usage was in 1880.Prior to 1880, the word most often used in formal settings was misoxenie. The earliest use of misoxenie is the early 1600s:

In a Sentence

Some say the Mexican border wall serves more as a shrine to xenophobia than for national security.

European soccer must take action to combat xenophobia amongst its players and fans.

The Syrian refugees that have fled to Germany have faced severe xenophobia in their new country.

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  1. Paul

    Yea. The Communist, liberals ad democrat have xenophobia against Real American’s, that love America and it’s history. I don’t think I have seen one article from the media, that does NOT bask in it love of Communism, Liberalism, Hate of America and it’s history, Hate for God, and your queer sexual perversion and inability to distinguish the difference between a man and a woman.


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