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December 17, 2022


Xenophobic is an adjective used to describe having or showing dislike for people or things from another country. It can also refer to a perceived fear or prejudice for things that are different or unusual.


The English version of Xenophobia is derived from the ancient Greek word xenos, meaning "foreigner." Xenophobic first appeared in the English language during the 1500s. It became popular in English in the early 1900s, around 1922, when it appeared in the official journal of the International Scientific Vocabulary.

In a Sentence

The interviewer was so xenophobic during my job interview that he refused to shake hands with me.

I was really uncomfortable at the dinner party because so many xenophobic people were talking about how inconvenient immigrants are while my immigrant friend was sitting at the table.

I refused to go on the cruise vacation with my friends when I realized they had xenophobic tendencies.


Intolerant, Prejudice


Tolerant, Welcoming


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