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November 28, 2022

Xyloid / adjective / xy · loid

Have you ever thought about the compositional makeup of the wood we find outdoors? We find wood as a fibrous component of trees and some plants in nature.

Xyloid has a similar chemical makeup. It is a type of hard, fibrous substance that is found in plant cells. Scientists, chemists, and researchers studying Xyloid under the microscope have discovered that it has a bumpy surface and is made of fibrous materials that resemble wood. Its primary use is to store food in containers.

In a Sentence

I was surprised to find xyloid in the broccoli I bought at the grocery store.

Many people say that xyloid is similar to wood, which is why it's often used as a storage material.

My xyloid copy of The Great Gatsby looked just like the original that I own.


Xyloid first appeared in English as an entry in the International Scientific Vocabulary (ISV) as a combination of the two words xyl- + oid. The ISV has kept a dynamic record of scientific terms whose origins are unknown but are used in many languages throughout the world since its inception in 1961.


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