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September 3, 2022

Xylophone / noun / xy·​lo·​phone

A xylophone is an instrument in the percussion family. It consists of tuned wooden keys that are arranged in a similar way to keys on a piano. The keys are played when the musician strikes them with rubber, acrylic, or wooden mallets

The history of the xylophone is quite obscure, though it is thought to be one of the oldest instruments in existence. Historians estimate that it might be as old as 500 AD, possibly originating from Southeast Asia. Over the years the xylophone has transformed, and the instrument we know and call it today is thought to have appeared in Europe in the mid-1800s.

In a Sentence

The young girl had always dreamed of playing the xylophone in the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.

He chose a xylophone when they asked him which instrument he wanted to play in the band.

A xylophone is a versatile instrument that can produce a wide variety of sounds when played by a musician.


The xylophone is one of the oldest instruments in existence. The word xylophone entered the English language in the early 18th century, estimated around 1860. We initially used the term to describe a type of musical instrument that was like a harpsichord but with variations.

The xylophone is still popular today in classical and jazz ensembles and even as a children’s toy.


Instrument, Marimba


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