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March 8, 2022

Yitten/jiten/ adj.

Definition:  Yitten is an adjective that means frightened. 

Etymology: The word has biblical origins with quite a few uses, mostly in the Old Testament, from the phrase mi yitten. 

The original biblical use of mi-yitten is to mean, “Who will give?” In Hebrew, the word can also be used to describe someone who wants something very much. However, it is hard to tell how the word went from biblical uses involving giving or wanting to a Northern England dialect of the word frightened.

In a Sentence

I know scary movies make you a little yitten; is that why you don’t like to watch them with me anymore?

Kids are easily yitten, so sometimes you have to be careful because fear can quickly and easily turn into trauma.

I’ve never been so yitten that I peed my pants, but I guess everyone deals with being afraid differently, am I right?


Scared, Afraid, Timid


Fearless, Bold, Unafraid

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  1. Darla Tucker

    I am yitten of a kitten that just has bitten my finger


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